Baez Bonorat

From the artist

Javier BAEZ BONORAT (BAEZ BONORAT by artistic pseudonym) is a Sydney based Mexican born artist whose art practice spans over twenty years. Practically a self-taught artist, BAEZ BONORAT studied the Painting and Drawing Ateliers for two years at the prestigious National School of Fine Arts a.k.a. ‘La Esmeralda’ in Mexico City. At ‘La Esmeralda’, BAEZ BONORAT met Alberto Castro Leñero whom along with Antonio Esparza, left a big impression on his work and helped to confirm his vocation. A crucial influence in BAEZ BONORAT’s artistic career was (and still is) his brother Daniel whom first introduce him the notions of the Chiaroscuro, the manipulation of colour, and the elements of composition.

BAEZ BONORAT’s approach to his work revolves around the act of minimal intervention, whereby he aims only to play the role of ‘facilitator’ rather than the ‘do-er or the main actor’ in the creative process. In his own words:

‘ It is almost as if my role & responsibility is to trigger the painting and then, pull back and standby ready to help when needed 

‘ I want my work to follow a kind of “ready-made” approach but using paint on a canvas rather than an object or an already existing image ‘

BAEZ BONORAT acknowledges direct and indirect influences from many Australian and foreign painters but his constant is that of aiming for simplicity in the number of elements, the tone, the composition the number of colours and the execution of each of is works. 

Baez Bonorat

Wall in Pink


Baez Bonorat



Sold Out
Baez Bonorat

Unknown country's flag


Baez Bonorat

Door Ajar


Baez Bonorat

Children Playing


Baez Bonorat