David Solomon

David Solomon
Sculpture and ceramicist

Formerly based in South Africa, David's career in ceramics has spanned three decades, and during this period he has worked with numerous Cape Town architects on various commissioned pieces. He was awarded 1st place for sculpture in the 2008 Edward Art Prize, and in 2002 was given an Honorary Award at the International Festival of Post Modern Ceramics in Croatia.

David has also in a slight subconscious way does bring his sexuality in his work and are also strong themes apparent in David's sculptures, with some of his works, in particular 'outburst' reflective of his struggle for freedom and acceptance of his alternative lifestyle as a gay man in South Africa. David's earlier works show a distinctive South African influence in colour and design, "reflective of my feelings on growing up in South Africa, as well as my Jewish background and being part of a minority in a country perhaps not as accepting as Australia" said David.

In Sydney, David uses bright colours and glassy, reflective surfaces are reminiscent of the city as experience by a newcomer. David often utilizes other materials in his works, such as glass, wire, copper, wood and iron to lend a structural, industrial tone. He uses a variety of firing techniques including raku and pit firing to achieve particular finishes, and cites Picasso and Gaudi as major influences in his work.

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