Listen to your Heart

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Size unframed: 90cm x 60cm

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

About the series: 

Expressive portrait of a black woman, She is confident and wise, she is going within to listen to the voice of her own heart. It's one of 3 paintings that I've named "The 3 Graces"

About the artist: 

Nina Nova is a Bondi based artist with Scandinavian background. She has been painting and creating since childhood.

Nina grew up with a neurological condition Synaesthesia. This means she processes sounds and music as colours, shapes and images—a gift that translates into paintings inspired by any music. 

The art is very expressive, she paints emotions and expresses it in a mix of what is only seen by the inner eye and the actual world around us.

In 2004 she moved to Florence, Italy to study Fashion Design and on the side of her studies she was always painting. She had her first art exhibition in April 2006 at “Gia cosa”- Roberto Cavalli cafe in Florence where she was also doing her first “live-painting” show.

After graduation she began to paint in the art studio of the well known Italian artist 

Alfio Rapisardi. He was a guide and a mentor. He helped her to develop and express her own personal style. Nina spent a total of 7 years in Florence, with several art exhibitions, one of them at the famous Museo Bellini Art gallery.

Nina arrived in Sydney, in the beginning of 2012. Based in Bondi she is working as an Artist, Illustrator and designer. She's had a number of exhibitions and participated in several art events doing “Live painting” in Sydney. 

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