My Body, My Choice


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Womens rights are human rights. We need to have autonomy over our own bodies because we are unconditionally people. This vesel is the reactive response, to the day of the 2022 overturn of Roe v. Wade. It is the embodied frustration and anger over the injustice projected onto women still. Her protruding pregnant belly is splattered in iron oxide, representing the violation on womens bodies are forced to go through when carrying unwanted or unsafe pregnancies. The umbilical cord wrapped around her neck like a noose tells of the death sentence banning access to safe and legal abortions are. She is nothing but a paper bag, a vesel, an object designed to carry and not to treat with care. She is blood clay and tears - My body, my choice

Medium: Clay

Size: 26cm x 15cm x 14cm - Sculpture - not framed

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