Summer Vibes

A group show featuring artists whose work represents the lightness and happiness of Summer. 

Enjoy the art of Summer Vibes from the 11th to 29th December

Opening celebration is on Saturday 14th December from 2-4pm

RSVP please

Lamice Ali

A Summer Storm Passes


Leeanne Trew



Fleur Stevenson

Blueberry seaside


Katie Lambert

Bright Trees


Aditi Sengupta

Bursting Blooms


Ioulia Ourovskaia

Café Culture 01


Ioulia Ourovskaia

Café Culture 02


Kate Barry

Cool Plunge


Pascale Reuter

Day 23


Pascale Reuter

Day 26


Simon Glascott

Deck Chairs


Janelle Amos

Feel It