Foggy Morning 1

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Size: 20cm x 20cm

Medium: Acrylic, modelling paste and gold leaf

About the artwork:

These two abstract floral pieces form part of my ‘Gemstone Gardens’ collection. It is inspired by my mother’s beautiful garden back home in Canterbury, England, as well as my gemstone-loving, colourful inner child.

As a child, I was obsessed with colourful sparkly things, hence ‘Rach the Magpie’. As I paint my way back to my authentic self, gold leaf and use of colour remain key themes in my work. They represent the healing of my inner child as well as finding fun and freedom in adulthood.

Gut-feel and intuition are central to my work. I have placed the medium intuitively around the canvases. Nothing has been predetermined - I work mainly from memory and imagination and it’s pure joy and freedom at play.

I aim to invite the viewer on my healing journey in the hope that I can help to inspire the dreamer in them too.

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