Dance of the Beta Fish

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Size: 42 x 59cm

Medium: Print of original in acrylic on board. 

About the artwork: 

In 2020 I decided to study the human form again with beautiful animals & the awe of nature, life & love; a delicacy of texture & touch. I began tiny studies about 10 x 15cm using the technique of collage, acrylic & gold leaf, which are currently being painted as quite large pieces with acrylic paint, iridescent & gold leaf. ‘Little Golden Bird’ & ‘Dance of the Beta Fish’ are both larger prints of the collages.

About the artist: 

Born in Adelaide in 1973 I majored in art at Brighton High school, focusing on the human form, several pieces I ended up selling. I went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts in the Visual/ Fine Arts majoring in Photography, sculpture & textiles. From my graduation exhibition, I sold several pieces to news presenter Leigh McClusky, which were illuminated magazine clippings which emerged as a collage effect based on Body Image. 

For many years there was no art in my life until in 2016 when a sudden penchant with abstract art hit & I started expressing again, this time with paint. Gestures of emotions in vivid colours often painted with hands as well as geometrics in chalk pastels.  

Now living in Ocean Grove, Victoria, I recently reinvigorated my interest in the human form, studying animals & people & an emotional connection between them, innately implausible however expressing the wonder & awe of life & this connection & a sense of love, along with a tactility, beauty & grace. 

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