Beyond the Surf

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Humbled by the beauty of the rugged coastline, we sit quietly staring out at the deep blues and greens of the ocean, out to the horizon. The sun, which moments ago had warmed my face, slowly disappears behind a cloud. A slight shiver runs down my spine, as the wind begins to pick up, whipping my hair across my face. I pull my jumper tighter around my shoulders and lean in a little closer to my furry friend who sits besides me, softly panting, a little smile on his face, his fur blowing in the wind also.  He loves it here as much as I do. Together we watch as the waves far below, smash into the cliffs.. white froth spraying up onto the jagged rock platform. 

Beyond the Surf is a diptych made of Beyond the Surf I and Beyond the Surf II

Medium: Acrylic, Pastel and Gesso on Canvas

Size: 144cm H x 93cm W x 6cm D - Timer Frame

Year: 2022

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