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Blue follows the beauty and fashion advertisement photographies. I wanted to give this one a photographic look, as if she's advertising some kind of beauty product. The skin is flawless and clean. Blue is the main color: the hair, the stained fingers, the eyes and the lipstick and it's in contrast with the golden-ish background. She's glowing and beautiful like a real life model.

Size: 19.74cm x 29.7cm

Medium: Digital

About the artist:

My name is Elisa, I come from Italy and I am currently enrolled in Digital Design bachelor degree. To this moment my drawing media has always been the traditional pencil and paper, I experimented with markers and different techniques until I moved to the digital art. Black and white is my favourite style, both digital and traditional, but I have been experimenting with colors lately and I am quite enjoying the challenge. Art and drawing are my passion, I have been using it as a form of meditation since my early age. I keep experimenting, find new challenges and try different techniques and I hope one day to grow a career based on my art.

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