Courageous Souls II

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Size: 50 x 40cm

Medium: Acrylic Paint on Wooden Board

About the artwork: 

Having emotional courage is a sign of strength and vulnerability, where we can be our authentic selves in a society full of expectations and cultural beliefs. "Courageous Souls" explores human connection and the bravery to show up and be who we are regardless of what gender we may identify as.

About the artist: 

Laura Bright is an abstract artist based in Sydney, Australia, who has studied a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree at Sydney Collage of the Arts, The University of Sydney. In recent years, Laura has delved into a variety of art practices including drawing, photography, painting, printmaking and glass blowing. Laura’s works have been displayed in a number of exhibitions across Sydney, published in the Art Edit Magazine and selected as finalist multiple times in the Blacktown City Art Prize. The intention behind her artworks is to evoke an emotional response from the viewer, allowing them to connect to the artwork in their own way. Laura’s paintings are the light to the darkness often felt within from past or current traumas.

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