Day at the Beach

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This artwork explores the memory of a summer's day at the beach. The beautiful blue expanse of the ocean,  the golden sand under feet, warm from the heat of the sun. 

Laughter and squeals of delight fills the air as children jump as the waves race towards the shore then recede again, tears as a sandcastle built too close to the water collapses, a young couple walks by with their new puppy who wants to bark and chase the waves. A small treat is used to bribe the new inquisitive family member to keep walking. There is a smell of sunscreen and a salty taste on our lips as we place our towels on a vacant spot on the sand. Here is a good spot, says the youngest as she races off towards the water, leaving me with towels, dog, beach bag and umbrella…yeas is a good spot for a day at the beach.

Medium: Acrylic, Spray Paint and Pastel on Canvas

Size: 109cm H x 202cm W x 6cm D - Timber Frame

Year: 2022

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