Earth Goddess

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As I nature lover I have created this artwork merging humanity with nature. A little like Mother nature but I really wanted the focus to be on the female figurative form, many of which I have done in the past as still life.

Size: 48.8cm height x 36.5cm width x 1.5cm deep

Medium: Pastels

About the artist: 

I am a professional AWARD winning artist. After leaving school I attended 5 years through College and University studying art and design, receiving honours and distinctions for my artworks. Over the years I have also painted many murals in restaurants, kids bedroom, curated and designed artworks to decorate office spaces in Sydney and Melbourne and had 8 paintings published in magazines. Many of my artworks have been sold throughout Australia, USA and Europe. Most of my inspiration usually derives from my love and appreciation of nature and animals, but occasionally an emotion, a structure or an object sends those creative juices into overdrive so I apply it through my art.

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