Future King

Size: A3 with border
Style: Unframed print
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Unframed Limited edition of 30 photographic print on 300g Ilford Smooth Pearl paper

Delivered by Australia Post in Aust Post cylinder

Framed Stretched Canvas, black edge – gallery quality finish

Flat shipping rate of $15 within Australia - Please use the code Africa Photo

Please allow 14 days for printing and shipping


About the photography

I captured this image in the late afternoon as the sun was fading in a location called Paradise Pool near Xakanaxa camp, Moremi Game Reserve, Okavango Delta, Botswana.

This boy and his brother were relaxed and clearly held a majestic presence, yet neither of them would have been the dominant male in the territory.

They would rely on each other as a coalition to one day challenge for the right to take over a pride.

Lions are listed as vulnerable, they are losing habitat and more horrifically, losing numbers in the wild to poaching. Lions are poached to strengthen the gene pool in Lion farming, a horrendous practice supporting the lion bone trade and traditional medicine practices.

Many of us know the plight of Elephants and Rhino’s, but few know what is happening with Lions, if your prepared to take a look, read up on Canned Hunting and the Lion Bone Trade, it will sicken you.

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