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I AM is a sculpture that is defined by what she is and, is not. The absent color, features and functionality that can often define who we are. Inspired by the art of kintsugi, meaning 'golden repair' she represents a body of healing and self-love while acknowledging she is both good and bad, failure and success. She is symbolic of my own journey. She, like myself, has discarded her fantasy angel wings and let them plunge into the waters of a memorable past; she has repaired herself in gold, knowing that each crack is a blessing; she stands firm on the Bay wood, symbolic of intuition and acquired wisdom, courage, and strength. She is no longer outwardly asking for permission or approval. She is, and I AM.

Size: 20cm x 10cm x 12cm

Medium: Resin and clay sclupture. Bay wood base. Metallic paint finish

About the artist:

My name is Charli Evans I am an artist and intuitive energy reader; I was born with a defining allergy to the sun which limits my outdoor movements. These limitations helped me to develop a greater imagination. During my painting and selling years, I would state “I’m being paid to practice” whenever I sold a piece of art. Nowadays, the world is embracing all types of art and mediums and I aspire to be a pioneer in resin and alcohol ink. My greatest accomplishment as a self-taught artist is intuitively comprehending a person’s innermost desires through careful discussion and collaboration. Through this technique I have learned to appreciate a wider range of perspectives that help guide me to selecting the right colours, develop new textures, and express movement using my own techniques. I often will say, “I am an artistic translator. Creating art pieces that others can connect deeply with means they will treasure forever”. And coins the phrase; “Art is the people viewing it”.

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