I Am Not Your Trophy

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This piece covers the conversation of trophy hunting, giving rise to the lion’s perspective. Through this dialogue a moment is entered between the majestic lion and the viewer. The king expresses a voice by which, he describes his lineage, his primordial being and role in the balance of our ecosystems. He addresses us as wild kin; all of which reside equal amongst Mother Earth. Coming face-to-face, the artwork affords us an opportunity to connect to the wild self within ourselves by hearing the message of one of the wildest of being.

Size: 152cm x 101cm - unframed

Medium: Oil on Canvas


About Mahdhav Sarna

As an artist my work is more than portraiture of an animal; instead, my mission is to convey a glimpse, a momentary pause into the life of that being.
My visual palette and poetic narratives draw inspiration from Eastern wisdom of the auras and spirit, which reflect our emotional energy and signify our vibrancy of life. This influence is utilised to highlight the unifying force/soul, which resides equally in all beings and transcends the material form. 
Through this journey, I explore the deeper connections that run spiritually, emotionally and experientially between all beings.
Through my art I express the lives around us as a part of us; in the same way that we are all part of what Ancient Greek teachings term Gaia: the complex living being that is Mother Earth.

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