I’ve got summer on my mind

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Size: 61 x 61cm

Medium: Acrylic and posca on canvas

About the artwork: 

When painting this work in Spring, my mind began to wander. My studio was warm as were the tones of my paint and I began to surrender to the flow state. It seems I’m dreaming of the long hot days where we spend them by the beach or the pool or relaxing in the aircon. The season full of celebration with family and friends. Cocktails and belly laughs. Sun kissed skin and mini dresses. Closing a year and making resolutions for the next. I’ve got summer on my mind.

About the artist: 

Jessie is an emerging abstract expressionist artist, focusing on mixed media and acrylic abstract artworks. Her art is an exploration of euphoric ideas, dreamy landscapes, and extractions from fleeting moments. They are an abstraction of the senses and expositions of the mind, created to provoke connections with an unexpected viewer. She is passionate about colour and flowing movement of paint on canvas contrasted with pattern, design and organic forms.

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