Isle II

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Isle I and II are a diptych (2 paintings) that can be displayed in 2 different ways to look like a bay or a peninsula.

Medium: Acrylic, Pastel, Charcoal on canvas  - Unframed

Size: 90cm W x 120cm H x 4cm D

$1500 each 


This diptych makes the artist - Helen Wiese - think of the poem “To an Isle in the Water” by William Butler Yeats

Shy one, shy one,

Shy one of my heart,

She moves in the firelight

Pensively apart.

She carries in the dishes,

And lays them in a row,

To an isle in the water

With her would I go

She carries in the candles,

And lights the curtained room,

Shy in the doorway

And shy in the gloom;

And shy as a rabbit,

Helpful and shy.

To an isle in the water

With her would I fly.


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