Kalahari Girl

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Size - (52cmW x 62cmH framed) - white rustic frame/mount/non reflective glass
Medium - Pastel on pastelmat

About the artwork: 
While on safari in South Africa, we came across a small pride of lions in the late afternoon searching for a place to relax as the sun set.  This stunning lioness was walking towards us making direct eye contact, the setting sun rays on her coat accentuated the colours and I had to portray her beauty on paper on our return to Australia.  Lions are such majestic creatures and I will never tire of seeing them in the wild.
About the artist: 
I am an emerging South Australian wildlife artist working mainly in pastel, charcoal and scratchboard.  My true passion in life other than my family is for wildlife and conservation.  It is not until recently that I have had the time to pursue a career in art and discover how special this is to me.  Mainly self taught, I have attended many workshops with various Australian and International artists to gain knowledge, continue to grow and inspire me in my journey as an artist.
My art focuses mainly on the eyes of the animals, they help to show the soul of the creature, draw the viewer in and evoke emotions.  I am working hard to bring awareness to conservation issues through my paintings and a percentage of my sales are donated to specific rescue or conservation groups of my choice.  I feel proud knowing that my art is helping to support our planets wildlife.
I love to travel and photograph the wildlife that I paint, it is a privilege to sit and observe the animal in person, I feel it helps to bring them to life on paper if you have spent time with them and watched their movements and interactions.  Traveling to Africa in the last two years has been a dream come true but has opened my eyes to the huge problems facing the wildlife through trafficking, poaching and illegal trade.  Traveling and photographic field trips give me the opportunity to meet the wildlife and provide great reference material for my art, something I hope to continue with in the future.  
If I can bring awareness to the plight of the world's vulnerable and endangered wildlife through my art, I will be very happy!!!

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