Lady Subira

Sale price$350



Size: 21x 28cm

Medium: 118gsm Toned Tan Paper, Pencils

About the artist:

I’m an Indonesian born designer and artist. My art is my escape - from day to day life and takes me to my happy space. I’m expressing my feeling, emotion and how I see life through my art - with my own interpretation. Without me realising it at first, these ladies are actually - representing me in self portrait. Each one of the paintings have a powerful story and poet in them, that something I couldn’t expressing it with any words. Being Indonesian who lives in Australia, my inspiration has always been a combination between East and West traditions. I have strong interest in tribal art, costume, jewellery, bold colours and traditional women around the world (African, Aboriginal and Indonesian). I have included some chosen animals too, that strongly represent their own characteristic and soul that match with the emotion of my painting.

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