Looking in the mirror

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Women can have a complex relationship with their body, especially during adolescence and, again, as they age. The mirror can be your friend or your foe. As a society we need to hold different mirrors up to girls and women, to reflect back to them the many and diverse ways of being in the world. To show them that there is not just one way that is acceptable.

Size: 33 x 45 cm

Medium: Acrylic and oil pastel on paper

About the artist:

I am an abstract expressionist and figurative painter. I work predominantly with acrylic paint but also like to experiment with oils, pastels, ink and collage and have exhibited widely. I am fascinated by human behaviour, body language and psychology. Also by the way we use words, and how words and images can reframe our experiences. A medical practitioner, I find art helps me to understand and empathise with the people. I also use art to consider issues of importance to me: human rights, social justice, and feminism. My paintings are held in private collections across Australia, in the UK, France, Singapore, Canada and the USA

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