Love Life

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This painting shows a moment in my daughter's wonderfully full and vibrant life. She is able to be true to herself and choose to be any type of woman she wants. Generations before her fought hard for this freedom she now enjoys.

Size: 41 x 51cm

Medium: Acrylic

About the artist:

I paint impressions of the human form. I'm fascinated by the human shape and the emotions it can convey through a simple gesture, tilt of a head or stance. The inspiration for my art comes equally from my imagination, what I see and photos I take. My art is bright and colourful with a hint of melancholy- just like life! You'll discover yourself or somebody you know or maybe just a memory within the shapes of my work. My art is influenced by human interaction: with each other and sometimes with the environment around us. Everything in my art symbolises something- I love to see how other people interpret these clues. It doesn't matter what I'm trying to convey- whatever you feel when looking at one of my paintings is exactly the right way to respond to my art. Feel- and I’ll be satisfied.

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