Maternal Instinct

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Maternal Instinct features the Chinese character for 'female' (女), presenting from this character the visual of a woman holding her baby while spreading her other wing wide.

Size unframed: 26cm x 35cm

Size framed: 32cm x 44.5cm

Medium: Ink on xuan paper (rice paper)

About the artist:

Evelyn has been based in Sydney since her move from Hong Kong in 2018. Evelyn’s art journey started early when she was a kid - from sketching to practising Chinese calligraphy. Combining her experience in drawing and calligraphy, her work explores the potential behind simplicity - with ink and paper. She currently focuses working in xuan paper (rice paper) and its various ink absorbency. Her inspirations predominantly come from life stories and beliefs. In her creations, she demonstrates such ideas with features associated with semi-cursive scripts of Chinese characters.

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