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A creature, hiding and unbelonging, who becomes present when the timeless space isn’t yours to feel. It drifts, it surrounds, it breathes life into emptiness.


Lake Nuga Nuga lies within the home country of the Karingbal people. Their name for the lake was, and still is, Wagan Wagan.

Karingbal people associate the origin of Wagan Wagan Lake with one of the most significant creatures in Australian Aboriginal mythology, the Rainbow Serpent. Areas associated with this creature are held in great reverence and the Lake Nuga Nuga area is exceptional in that it is the home of not one but two Rainbow Serpents.

The two prominent mountains on the northern lake edge are known as Mt Warrinilla and Mt Kirk. One Rainbow Serpent is said to reside under each of these mountains.

Lake Wagan Wagan was originally created by the travelling Rainbow Serpents as their final home, and maintain the water in the lake to keep their bodies moist. It is said that if the Rainbow Serpents leave their homes under the mountains the lake will dry up forever.

Dimensions: 1670mm x 1820mm 
Profile: 42mm width, 32mm thickness 
Bevel: 9 degrees, i.e. 32mm outside thickness, 27mm inside thickness

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