Muddy Banks

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Size: 30cm x 30cm

Medium: acrylic on canvas

About the artwork: 

Standing on the river's edge, the morning mist rose above the muddy flat of the riverbed. Lanky legged birds were opportune and the rising tide made fresh pools. The paperbarks bowed their limbs to the water, like it flowed gold that morning.

About the artist: 

Karla Chartres is an abstract artist born and raised in Wagga Wagga, where she later studied at the local University. As a young child, Karla used to frequent the local art gallery whilst her siblings were in the library next door with their mother, often being absorbed by the large scale Indigenous paintings. Colour is a major player for Karla and it is this point in her process where the conversation between canvas and artist is obvious. Karla’s intention for the audience is to “hear” how the canvas was created and she has become braver over the years of her practice in exposing all the layers that her works entail. The ideal outcome is that the viewer feels they can immerse themselves into the canvas, exploring it and swimming through each detail. Inspiration is drawn from the diversity and beauty of the surrounding landscapes; and the shapes , forms and lines contained within the flora. Lush rainforests, crystal filled creeks and muddy river banks are within a short driving distance from the rich culture within the town of Mullumbimby, where Karla's artist studio is located.

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