Ominous Gaze

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Size: unframed - 80cm (W) x 88cm (H) x0.2cm (D)

Medium: Acrylic paint on recycled corrugated tin - can be varnished

About the artwork: 

My artworks are primarily made to optimise sustainable usage of materials. As a Marine Biology graduate it has become a passion of mine to combine the use of recycled materials with artistic expression.

This piece is part of the "Visionary Series" I am in the process of completing. I wanted to use my staple black and white imagery mixed with bright colours highlighting the eyes of each bird that invoke different degrees of intensity. I have another bird available for purchase that depicts a raven with blue highlights.

About the artist: 

I am a local artist in the Gold Coast region of Australia and am also a recent Marine Biology graduate. I have a long and rich artistic history within my family that includes world renowned artists such as Jan Ernst Abraham Volschenk and his daughter Vera Volschenk. The most recent in my family has been my grandmother Susanna Stander who was married into the Volschenk name via my grandfather, so it added a double dose of artistic flare to the family line.

After seeing my grandmother lose her ability to paint due to Alzheimers, it inspired me to pursue art again while I could still hold a brush after 6 years of not really painting anymore. In the past 12 months she suddenly passed away from late-stage, undetected lung cancer. The last painting she completed was a portrait of me as baby that had taken her upwards of 19 years to complete, because she was never quite happy with how she painted my nose. It makes me glad I picked up the brush again after so many years when I did and although she didn't know me face to face anymore, she was able to see my work and know it was me that did it. She was and always will be my inspiration to continue on painting until I can no longer can. So in saying that, over the past year I have combined both the knowledge in my degree and my naturally gifted (and heavily underused) artistic expression to raise awareness to, inspire and educate others about marine life while driving my passion. In some of my pieces I have gone as far as to incorporate some of my own personal feelings into different forms on unconventional and recycled "canvases" such as corrugated tin, wood and even shells.

I hope that those viewing my pieces feel the same level of passion and excitement I did creating them and may be able to give them the most perfect of homes if inspired to do so.

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