Passionate Flow


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Breath into your Heart. Feel the codes ripple through you. There will be a heart knowing if these codes are for you. What is considered junk DNA in the system, just needs to be activated assisting towards becoming more aware of your multidimensional being. This is a unique code for only one individual. There are no prints.

Medium: Oil on Canvas Paper

Size: A4 Unframed

Year: 2022


About the artist

Ivy has 30 years experience in movement, yoga and hands on body healing. Extra sensory gifts allow her to channel Source frequencies. The light vibrations present through her in voice, visual art and movement . This expression of this ability is often referred to as light language. The light language art pieces contain frequencies that can assist in shifting and raising the vibration of the human and their surroundings. Like a crystal that emanate frequencies, her art may have profound effects on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

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