Proud warriors on the move

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A group of warriors departing for battle.

Size: 60cm x 90cm
Medium: Mixed Media

Artwork process
Each painting involves many, many hours of work.  
All the images are created out of the artist own inspiration and memories of her life in Africa - nothing is copied.

She starts by creating an image on a glass surface in acrylic paint then pull two or three prints off that. Select and tear up the prints and arrange them on the canvas.
Then it is a process of collage, adding colours using different mediums and introducing line-markings.

About the artist
My involvement in art began while living in South Africa.  After migrating to Australia in 1998 I continued studying art and honed my skills in traditional painting styles and mediums.  I now mainly enjoy mixed media and alcohol ink paintings in a semi-abstract style. The vibrant passion of Africa and the fascinating flora of Australia tend to make their appearance in most of what I create.  I also practise as an Art Therapist. Both creating my own art and using art to facilitate healing for my clients give me immense joy and satisfaction. I feel that this joy shines through in my paintings. During Covid, artmaking has been a saviour.

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