Skyclad Totem

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Many religious traditions perform sacred dance and practices of worship, Skyclad (clothed in the sky) or naked. The naked body symbolises the Goddess and is a reminder that the Sacred exists in all of us. 
Skyclad Goddess is a mystical totem, she encapsulates symbols that are timeless and powerful. These are the circular shape of life, the limitless starry night sky and the crescent moon, in its waning cycle, a time to rest, recharge and prepare for new beginnings.

Size: 15cm (tall) x 20cm (diameter)

Medium: Watercolour & Acrylic paint on clay

About the artist:

Natalie Penn has been a practising artist for many years. She works in a variety of mediums, including watercolour and ink. Currently, Natalie is working with clay to create a body of work with the focus of bringing totems back into a modern light. Respect for the earth and nature is an enduring inspiration and passion and Natalie's Goddess Totems, honour and celebrate Mother Earth and the elements.

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