Strange Faces #8

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64x75x2.5 cm - Framed 

Archival Fine Art Photo rag


About the artwork

What is so beguiling about the face? 

Questioning the familiar with the strange this series became from a trip to Berlin and London last year. 

My preoccupations are with portraiture and psychological states of the sitter. The Abstract Expressionists are particularly inspiring delving deep into the psyche to glimpse a fragment of some sort of truthful self. 

I return to writers Balzac, Milan Kundera, William Faulkner for clarity of the human condition. 


About the artist

Born in 1964 Zorica Purlija migrated age 8 from Montenegro, to Newcastle, NSW. 

As she learned to live in a different culture, she observed that the nuances of human interaction often were more revealing than the words. 

Graduating in 1989 with an Associate Diploma in graphic design and photography at The University of Western Sydney, Zorica spent some years travelling through Europe, experiencing life and art. 

Since 1999, Zorica has been pursuing her artistic vision, through the medium of photography. Her influences range from music, literature, film and psychological states. 

She continues to exhibit widely, including internationally. 

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