The Coast

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The ocean, both wild and calm, beautiful and dangerous, has always been therapeutic for me... I always seem to be able to let go when I am near the water. It brings a sense of peace and calm, a place to pause, contemplate or disconnect.

This painting is reminiscent of sitting on the coastal headlands with my beautiful old retriever, both of us staring out over the white-capped water. The wind gently caressing our faces as we both lick the salty spray from our lips. I look at my old friend.. he loves it here like I do.. he’s smiling and panting …watching… listening too…the distant squeals of delight from children scouring the nearby rock pools, the sound of seagulls calling out and the waves crashing against the rocky platform below us.

Medium: Acrylic, Charcoal, Pastel, Sand, Gesso

Size: 91cm H x 152cm W x 4cm D

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