The Empress

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‘The Empress’ is a self-portrait from a series of Tarot card illustrations called ‘Rare Earth Tarot’. Within the traditions of the Tarot, this card is a symbol for the archetype of the Divine Feminine and indicates creativity, fertility, sensuality and intuition. In this version of ‘The Empress’, she represents the dual nature of the Divine Feminine, being powerful and influential in both the tangible world and in the intangible. The Empress wear magical runes, talismans and jewellery gilded with 24kt gold leaf as indicators of her royalty and importance. To pull this card in a reading is to be compelled to embrace dynamic imagination, strength and sensuality.

Size: 7 x 12cm

Medium: Gouache, pencil, 24kt gold leaf

About the artist:

E.Armanious is a Sydney based artist and jeweller who has completed degrees in art and music, with a masters from SCA, and has studied informally with harpsichord builders, jewellers, painters and swordsmiths. E’s work has been exhibited around Australia, the U.S., South America and India, and has been published in a book of 500 handmade knives by Lark Books. An avid collector and daydreamer, E’s work references her Egyptian/European heritage and mysticism as well as her own research into the Occult, spirituality and the role of women within these paradigms.

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