The Essence of... Ho Tai, the Laughing Buddha

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The Essence of... Ho Tai, the Laughing Buddha
Uplifting and joyous.. my favourite Buddha statue- may he bring those feelings to you! The Laughing Buddha, Ho Tai, is believed to be the God of Good Fortune and Guardian of Children. His overflowing round shape indicates an abundance of spiritual wisdom and a joy-filled soul. He was an actual person, Ho-Tei-Shi, a Zen monk who had little regard for impermanent things such as dress or living conditions but was renowned for his ability to delight the people with his eloquent recitation of the Buddhist texts.

Image dimensions:  22 x 22 cm
Frame Dimensions: 39 x 39 cm (with double mat and glass)

Medium: Watercolour
Paper:   Arches 300gsm Cold Press

Paints:   Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour

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