The Gentle Giant

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While I was spending some time in South Africa, I was lucky enough to experience an intimate encounter with a herd of elephants. I was inspired to create a piece that captured the grand but peaceful presence of these astonishing creatures. 

I wasn’t particularly fond of elephants previously but seeing them up close and personal like this showed me how they are truly one of a kind. They are such a marvellous natural creation with their wise, soulful eyes and textured old skin. 
For this work, I used an impressionist style to showcase their unique features, while blending in the use of abstract colours to mirror the colourful and vibrant environments of Africa. 

Size: 50.8 x 76.2cm

Medium: Acrylic


About the artist:
Bianca is a woman of many talents and hobbies, constantly chasing creativity. She loves painting, photography, anything that gets her hands dirty. She is constantly experimenting and trying out new styles and mediums, as she is just so passionate about creating. She hopes her work gives the audience as much pleasure as it gives her when making it. 

Having grown up in a small beach town in South Sydney, She is inspired by nature and the constant awe, beauty and resilience it provides. Her work aims to mirror some of that beauty back into the world. To spark conversations and connection with striking visuals. 

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