Time for Mud – Elephant Calf

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Size: 64cm (h) 48cm (w) - Framed

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

About the artwork:

It’s hot in the African plains, and a puddle with some wet mud is all too hard to resist for this little guy. African Elephants are usually found in close-knit family groups and a youngster seldom ventures off for very long, at risk of being spotted by a hungry lion or losing it’s way altogether and starving to death (calves continue to drink milk for about two years, sometimes longer). This painting comes framed with a beautiful, Italian-made wooden frame and is ready to hang.

About the artist:

Beginning with an interest in art when he was young by drawing cartoons and animals, with particular memories of drawing dinosaurs and other large creatures. He continued to draw through primary school when deciding to study visual art in high school. Having been taught by an experienced artist whilst attending art classes, who noticed a talent and insisted Dario start painting as it was an extension of drawing. Dario's style is a blend of traditional art techniques with a fresh approach, for modern tastes. Dario prefers to paint subjects as a true representation of their physical appearance, thus honouring the natural beauty found in nature. Dario is  influenced by the old masters and likewise, strives to achieve realism, balance and harmony in his artworks. He is also influenced by masters of modern art, which includes wildlife artists such as Raymond Harris Ching and Robert Bateman. Frank Frazetta's dynamic artworks and Boris Vallejo's skilful renditions have had a great impact on him artistically. Dario has won a number of prizes and has sold artworks in exhibitions and via commissions.

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