Uluru Loves You

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Size framed: 30 cm x 40 cm

Medium: Photography

About the artwork: 

Journeying to the centre of Australia is a magical experience. Within the empty desert the largest rock on the continent basks beautifully in the heat. A spiritual landscape for Indigenous Australians, and a cultural marvel, this ultra-wide panorama allows any visitor to engage in a wanderlust rarely presented during the right now. Surrounded by the magic of the desert, Uluru evokes inspiration, desire for peaceful community, and affirmative love. Uluru loves you!

About the artist: 

I am a creator, debater, and articulator of all things artful and it is my passion to bring joy whilst evoking the natural beauty of life in Australia. I recently graduated from university with a Bachelor of Arts, though I have been an engaged filmmaker since age 7. I consider myself an up-and-coming artist at the intersection of breakthrough technology and time-based photography. I publish at: www.agapitos.art .

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