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This week, we will be speaking about the colour Yellow 💛

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Psychological Properties Of Colour Yellow

The yellow colour represents optimism, cheerfulness, fun and happiness. Yellow is seen as the colour of the mind and intellect, it stimulates our mental faculties and logic sides of the brain.

As it is the lightest hue of the spectrum, it captures our attention. The colour yellow brings happiness, hope and illuminates our mind.

Yellow can be defined as:

  • Creativity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Fun
  • Intellect
  • Challenging
  • Happiness
  • Offering hope
  • Communication of new ideas
  • Original thought
  • Wisdom
  • Logic
  • Positivity

 Home with Yellow - THE SPACE gallery

According to colour psychology

  • Yellow is creative from a mental aspect, it will stimulate our mind to have new ideas and will help us to find new ways of doing things.

  • It helps with clear thinking and quick decision making but it tends to be anxiety-producing as it is fast-moving and can cause stress. 

  • The yellow colour is seen as great communication skills and good talks. It will enhance vision, confidence, and stimulate the nervous system.

       Home with Yellow - THE SPACE gallery

      You create your own decoration. You choose your colour, you choose your mood. ... If you are depressed, you put some bright yellow and suddenly you are happy." - Philippe Starck 

      There are several variations of yellow:

      • Light clear yellow: this colour will clear, open and alert your mind
      • Lemon yellow: it promotes orderly life and self-reliance
      • Citrine yellow: it is considered as a superficial and unstable colour
      • Golden yellow: it means an intense curiosity and interest in investigating the finer details of its interests.
      • Cream: it encourages new ideas but also it can indicate a lack of confidence
      • Dark yellow: it indicates a lack of love, low self-worth and melancholy

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      One important thing to remember is that the feelings evoked by certain colours are not necessarily universal.

      If yellow is your favourite colour, it probably means that you have a happy disposition and are cheerful and fun to be with. You are creative, and like to share new ideas, but you tend to be in the clouds much of the time.

      Furthermore, it means that you have a strong communication sense in you. People who like yellow usually keep a small group of close and like-minded friends. You prefer to use your brain and your mind to achieve your goals rather than physical energy.

      By being a personality colour yellow, you are spontaneous, good at getting information out of others, well educated with knowledge about many topics. But considering the negative traits, you can be critical, judgmental, overly analytical, and non-emotional, coming more from the head rather than the heart.

      Cultural differences sometimes play a role in how people perceive colour.


      • In most of the cultures, yellow represents sunshine, happiness and warmth.

      • In Japan, the yellow colour represents courage

      • In India, yellow is the colour of the merchants

      • In Egypt, it means the dead

      • In China, adult movies are referred to as yellow movies. 

        How does YELLOW make you feel?


        Home with Yellow - THE SPACE gallery

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