Toilet Paper Roll Easter Bunny

Let's have some fun during this Easter break and create a recycle/upcycle Toilet Paper Roll Easter Bunny

With just a few supplies, you can transform your toilet paper rolls into these adorable bunnies for Easter. 

 Easter Bunny Paper Roll


  • Paper rolls
  • Pipe cleaners – we used pink, yellow and blue
  • Double-sided tape
  • Black sharpie
  • Scissors

*If you don't have pipe cleaners, you can create the ears, moustache and nose with cardboard.

Easter Bunny Supplies

How to Make it

1. Draw two small eyes and the mouth using a sharpie pen (or black pen) to your paper roll.

Easter Bunny Tutorial 

2. Cut two pipe cleaners the size of the paper roll

Easter Bunny tutorial 

3. The pipe cleaners to create the shape of the ears.

Place the ears on double-sided tape and glue them inside and at the front of the toilet paper roll.

 Eater Bunny Tutorial - the ears

 4. Cut 3 medium and 1 small pipe cleaners to create the moustache and the nose

 Easter Bunny - Tutorial moustache and nose

5. Then twist three small pipe cleaners around each other and glue this down to the paper roll.


 Easter Bunny - Tutorial - nose


6. Make a small pom pom by making a circle with the pipe cleaner.

7. Glue the small pom pom on top of the pipe cleaners for the nose.

Your Easter Bunny ais now complete. These are so easy to make.

You may just need to help younger children with the glueing part.

Hope you had fun.

Share some of the pictures with us.


Photo and inspiration: Julie Commiant

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