Behind THE artworks with Alexandra Plim
  1.  Where are you based and why?

I live and work in the Inner West of Sydney. I paint in my little studio/ shed and weather permitting in my garden.


Alexandra Plim in her studio


  1. What informs your practice?

The actual work and experience of creating the painting are what I learn the most from. It's about the canvas, about me, about how I feel, my memory and experience of life. How the brush moves in the air, in my hand and on the canvas. How the paint blends or flows or clumps. It's like one big intuitive performance piece.


  1. What is a typical day in the studio like for you?

I start the day with 2-3 hours of solid parenting, and after a coffee, I literally run home to paint. I typically work on a few canvases at a time, and just go hell for leather till 2.50pm, when I run up to the school to get the kids.


SOFTEN YOUR GAZE - Alexandra Plim

"SOFTEN YOUR GAZE" - Alexandra Plim


  1. David Young says in his book “A Little Guide to a Big Life”, that “Every great artist has a closet full of bad paintings” is this something you can vouch for?

Of course! Except I don't have a closet big enough to hold them all! They are everywhere, all over my house, just waiting to be painted over again.


  1. Do you feel that your art reflects how you have evolved as a person over time?

Absolutely. The fact that I paint at all is a testament to growing up! And having the confidence to explore my creativity in new ways. The more I paint the bolder my style is and the more risks I take in my choice of colour and mark.

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Artworks by Alexandra Plim

From left to right: “In Love Again” - "Bloomin' Lovely"

“She's Rough and Tough”

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