6 tips for choosing artworks for your home

Choosing the right piece of art to complement your space can be one of the trickiest a thing in decorating. Indeed some people face a challenge in selecting the right wall art for space.

Here are 6 tips for choosing the perfect artwork for your interior.


  1. Choosing colours

The colour of an artwork can influence the look of the whole room. If you want the art to show off a main colour, then everything around it has to support it.

Tip to choose your art - THE SPACE gallery

 Sprout Sisters by artist Nadine Saacks 

People make the mistake to find something that matches with the other colours in the room, but it is not the only method. Sometimes the colours of the artwork can be the total opposite of what you have in your room and that’s totally fine.

Tips about choosing THE colours: 

  • Reference the colour wheel when selecting complementary shades.
  • Use the same colour but in different shades
  • In doubt, choose a black and white art. Black and white match everything while also adding to the elegance of a structure.

 Choosing your artwork - THE SPACE gallery


  1. Size of the artwork

 When selecting wall art, consider the size of both: the room and the art.

If you have large walls and furnishings then you really need large artworks too, if the artwork is for an intimate reading corner then a small piece would be more appropriate.

Keep in mind the height of the ceiling when choosing wall art by size. 


Women of the Savanna by artist Ashley Bunting

Go for medium-size or small art pieces for kitchen and bathroom walls.


  1. Consider the tone or feeling you want

 Fun and playful, calm and meditative, moody and sensual?

The tone might be created by the colour or theme of the work.


Tamarama Blues by artist Thomas DeLys

Homes with a theme are simple to decorate because you can quickly eliminate items that do not fit your theme. 

For example, a home with a beachy feel has light or bright walls, artwork of sea life, pieces made of driftwood, and more. 


  1. Type of art

Art comes in many different styles and mediums. Your art can be a variety of styles and textures. If you use the same type of art in every room it may easily slip into looking like a hotel lobby instead of a home representing the personality of the folks who live there. Instead, consider using a mix of canvases, framed art, oil paintings and prints, etc.


A long way to the top by artist Andy Summons


5. Choose what you like 

Whether it's original or mass-produced, expensive or cheap, make sure to buy only what you love.

Plenty of people have found themselves guilty of investing in a piece simply because it's an original and they think it has value, but this can be a big mistake if you don't truly love it.


It should be something you will enjoy having in your home every day.


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Reference: Brosa and Architecture Digest

Pictures: Canva

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