9 Tips to escape your reality and get back your sanity...

When you think about it... staying at home is so much fun for the first few minutes, hours and days and then you start to wonder how long before you are completely insane.

To prevent this, we have collected some artworks to help you travel and escape your reality and get back your sanity.

Are you ready!

Tip #1

Drive to LA with artist Thomas DeLys

Nothing says "holiday" than a blue sky and palm trees 🌴🌴🌴

LA Palms

📷: LA Palms by Thomas DeLys


Tip #2

Memories of a time where the office could be right there

The Office - BW2

📷: The Office by Jordan Abram


Tip #3

When the adventure is calling....

🦒Giraffe Botswana will make you dream of Africa and warm weather.

Girafe Botswana

📷: Giraffe Botswana by Richard Dobbie


Tip #4

Under the stained-glass dome of the Galeries Lafayette, a world of material possibilities and opulence opens up for Parisians and international travellers alike.

Galeries Lafayette

📷: Galeries Lafayette by Gina Laverone


Tip #5

Not sure 🤔 how long you will be able to cope indoor.

We thought that meditation 🧘‍♀️ could be the next BEST thing 😁

Not easy when you are a new starter. We have found that giving a task to a running mind could be the best thing to tame it.

This beautiful photography from Janelle Amos is representing a flower 🌹 in a mandala


Pink Song 

📷: Pink Song by Janelle Amos

Mandala meditation 🧘‍♀️ and artwork

  • Step 1: Sit comfortably in front of your mandala.
  • Step 2: Breathe slowly and deeply, gazing upon your mandala so that the image gradually goes out of focus.
  • Step 3: For about 5 minutes, meditate on the center of your mandala shape, allowing its geometry to bring your mind to a state of balance


Tip #6

“Le penseur” is watching over Paris from Nôtre Dame de Paris.

If you would like a lesson on how to master the art of staring and thinking, this black and white photography will surely come handy 😱🙂🤣

Le penseur 

📷: Le Penseur by Katrina Jones


Tip #7

Feeling stressed 😩 and anxious 😟 looking at the colour blue will produce chemicals in the body that promote calming effects...

We have selected this artwork for our own sanity :-)

Your welcome 🙏🏻

Euphoria - Pascale R

📷: Euphoria by Pascale R


Tip #8

When the ocean 🌊 is calling you... you just have to surrender. Tamarama Blues by artist Thomas DeLys is just what you need until you can dive back in. 🏊

Tamarama Blues

📷: Tamarama Blues by Thomas DeLys


Tip #9

Under the Italian sun 🌞 and the memories of a summer’s holiday where proximity was recommended 😁🌴

Red Like Her Lips 

📷: Red Like Her Lips by Jordan Abram


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