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Commissioning art is the process of hiring an artist to create an artwork, based on the client’s request. There are many reasons why people commission artworks. Sometimes, the piece they really like is too large or too expensive. In that case, a client is likely to request a smaller or more affordable piece.


 If you are considering commissioning a piece for the first time, it can be intimidating. But, it can also be a fun and collaborative experience!

If you really like a work of art but it’s already sold or you are looking to get something a little more personalised, the gallery can reach out to the artist. It gives you the chance to have a personalised work of art that will stay with you forever.


Choosing the right artist and subject

When commissioning an artwork first you have to decide whether you want an art piece that’s based on another artwork or a completely different piece.

 If you are not sure about what you want, get together with the gallery to decide what kind of art piece suits your needs. We will show you some artworks of artists available and help clarify the ideas.

 When getting a work of art commissioned it is important to think about the subject you would like and what style would suit it best. 


Connecting by artist Neelum

Commissioned art is not only portraits, if you like previous works of an artist you can ask a similar piece. If you are looking to come up with a new subject for the commissioned piece try and be as detailed as possible, so we can easly explain to the artist the idea.

It is important to have open communication and discuss what you want from the artist but also understand that the artist is working hard to create your vision.

We have artists that can help to create what you want, in the size you need. Our artists have their own specialities, themes, media, and styles – so if an artist resonates with you and you want to commission an artwork unique to you, we can help you to make that happen.

Oasis by artist Laura Bright

How to do art commission with THE SPACE gallery?

Contact us or come at the gallery, we would be more than happy to help you. Send in photos or organise a free in-person visit with the director of the galley. Then, we will select together an artist who will work on your project. The artist will confirm the medium, size, timeline and price. Once everyone approved, off we go!

The gallery will ask you to pay between 30% to 50% upfront, and the rest when the artwork is finished. Paying in advance is important, as it allows artists to purchase materials, and cover their initial expenses. Finally the gallery will liaise between you and the artist to follow-up.


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