Behind THE artworks with Charles Hebert

What is your process?

Stretching a canvas is usually my first step towards creating a painting. I love this process as it gives me a chance to subconsciously connect with the artwork I’m about to dive into. I always have many paintings on the go since I need the layers of oil to dry before I apply a new one. I love to exaggerate brush strokes, use different colour combinations and play with composition. I’m usually pleased with an artwork after I’ve gone out of my comfort zone and pushed my personal boundaries.

 Life with no End

"LIFE WITH NO END" - Charles Hebert


Where are you based and why?

I paint out of May Street Artist Studios and have been doing so for the last 10 years. I love the space. As soon as I enter my studio, I forget about everything and completely submerge myself in my artworks.


When and how did you first fall in love with art?

I started painting in Germany about 25 years ago simply because I was bored and was looking for something to fill a gap in my life. I bought myself a little oil starter kit and fell in love with applying oil paint on a canvas. 10 years after that day, I had my first solo exhibition.

 "THE PLACE TO BE" - Charles Hebert


If you had to write a recipe for a successful work of art what would the key ingredients be?

I was always reluctant in making mistakes while I was painting but within the last few years, I love making mistakes. In fact, I purposely make mistakes now. Fixing mistakes is what takes my paintings to another level. I don’t see them as mistakes anymore but an important process towards completing an artwork that I’m proud of.

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