Creativity loves the rain...

If you are in Sydney (or NSW, QLD), like us, you must be wondering when would this rain stop. Now, I know what you're thinking, can this beautiful March weather possibly get any better?

Let's think of something else than the bad weather and bring some positiveness in your life.

The surprising way bad weather can actually boost your creativity.

Consciously or not - who knows -, when the weather is bad we're more likely to actively search out ways to make ourselves feel better. Luckily for us, being creative fosters the same kind of happy satisfaction that we get from sunshine, exercise, or chocolate That last one might just be specific to me...

To bring some sunshine back in your life, we have some art classes to join on the weekend or private classes on Wednesday night.

Think vibrant alcohol ink to use to create abstract artworks or watercolour brush strokes on paper to change your mood.

See you soon and until then maybe eat some chocolate ;-D


Spark Your Creativity With Art Classes in Sydney

With so many fantastic art classes for kids and adults, with us, you'll never run out of activities! If you would like to request a special workshop, please feel free to contact us.

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