How to style with abstract art?

Abstract artworks are the perfect accompaniment to an array of interior styles and decor schemes. Whether you wish to coordinate with the contemporary or clash with the classical, a bright and bold abstract piece will complete your space and add energy to your home.



First of all, abstract artworks don’t need to be a multi-coloured mass of movement. Many artists stick to neutral or earthy colour palettes that will bring warmth and elegance to a room. 

When styling with abstract art, don’t feel forced to prioritise bright colours. Instead, try identifying the key tones in your chosen room and coordinate a specific piece or series of works accordingly.


The Road to Arcadia by Jessika Steiner

Hanging a triptych of works by one artist is a great way to fill a large wall and create a statement. Also, large panel pieces are ideal for properties with high ceilings.

Depending on the size of space you’re looking to fill, it might be worth getting in contact with the gallery and letting us know which artist whose work you’re drawn to and asking whether he or she would be willing to create a commissioned work.

A clever way to fill the space while still allowing a loud and colourful artwork to breathe is to select a diptych or triptych of similar works and frame them identically.

The Entrance by artist Pascale Reuter

When hanging in this style, always measure the entire space and don’t forget to include the width of the frame before deciding how much of a gap you’d like to leave between the works.

Abstract artworks are bold by nature, allowing you to be especially creative with your arrangement. Don’t be tempted simply to hang a bright artwork on a white wall.

When styling with abstract art, bigger isn’t necessarily always better. Little works can be just as high-impact and can also be a great way of filling small or overlooked spaces.


Foggy Morning 1 by artist Rach The Magpie

Art can stand out amid a wonderfully eclectic mix of furniture, decor, ornaments and objects. Be bold, mix it up and bring it all together with your artworks.

When selecting an artwork for a specific space, consider its aesthetic and how it might coordinate with your interior. Don’t be afraid to select a piece that contains colours that work with your interior, but perhaps has another tone or contrasting colour shining through. This is an easy way to introduce additional shades to the space.

If you have a large room to fill and scale is on your side, bold pieces are the way forwards.

If you are in search of THE piece, feel free to contact us to request our help or commission a piece 


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Reference: Houzz
Pictures: Canva and Pinterest

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