Louisa Seton

Visual storyteller and adventurer, Louisa Seton has created a name for herself as a documentary portrait photographer who specializes in capturing the stunning visual identity of African tribal culture and ceremony.


Louisa’s African tribal portraits, celebrate, and explores community, female empowerment and adornment as self-expression. This collection of portraits and wild life highlights Louisa’s love for Africa and reveals the remarkable beauty of people truly engaged with their natural environment.


Louisa grew up in Nairobi, Kenya and has always been fascinated by indigenous culture and ceremony.

“Growing up in Africa I interacted with a variety of tribal communities which helped inspire a deep respect for the people I encountered and the ways in which they live their lives. This stimulated a natural curiosity in me that went beyond my formal education. I can never truly convey my deep appreciation to these communities for allowing me into their world; their individual stories are as equally compelling as they are educational, not only bringing insight to me personally but through my photographs greater awareness to the world. My intention is to create graceful visual impact while capturing and preserving the ancient tribal traditions and customs which over time when interwoven with 'modern day progress' slowly become diluted.”


Louisa explored much of Eastern and Southern Africa on a personal mission to photograph the incredible rituals of everyday Africa. Louisa has had numerous solo shows and exhibited her work all over the globe. Her oversized African Tribal Portraits are now sought after by Art Collectors around the world.




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