Different art photography printed available within THE LAB gallery collection.

Fine Art Prints Are The Perfect Choice To Enhance Your Interiors!

We all love to decorate our living spaces and art is the undoubted best choice for it. A piece of art can add colour to your home's interior and fervour an energy to your space. Enjoy the satisfaction of having truly artistic, creative and imaginative works from THE LAB gallery’s artists to decorate your walls. THE LAB gallery is home to a variety of established and emerging artists' limited edition works.

THE LAB gallery is a paradise for all art lovers, art collectors, and art enthusiasts and here we are to tell you that owning an artwork doesn’t have to be heavy on your pockets.  Fine art using giclee prints might well save you. The finest option for decorating your walls on a budget is prints and better when they are limited. These elegant and classy prints will brighten your walls and lift the mood of your interior.

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Here are some limited edition prints up to 100 copies available within THE LAB gallery collection:

Kintsugi #3 by Kate Lionis

The cracks around her breast ran down her torso to gouge out at her inner thigh. Slowly the healing begins as the gold fills up the cracks, making her whole again, different, maybe but more beautiful. Available here.


LA Palms by Thomas DeLys

Technically the oldest neighbourhood in Los Angeles, Palms, originally called ‘The’ Palms, is a diverse community with no shortage of activities to do, or places to see. 

There is something similar to "La Promenade des Anglais" in the South of France.

Up until the mid-to-late-19th century, the French Riviera was sparsely populated. But popular writers began travelling there and found it was pretty nice. Available here.


Falling Into and Away by Jess Orrego

Available here.


Nuga Nuga by Cornelius Martin

A creature, hiding and unbelonging, who becomes present when the timeless space isn’t yours to feel. It drifts, it surrounds, it breathes life into emptiness. Available here.


Only in My Memory by Renee Campbell

Available here.


Split Difference by Nadine Saacks

Available here.


Two Rhinoceros by Richard Dobbie

Available here.


Smile by Andy Summons

Let the sun shine and watch the shadows deepen. Let the wind blow and make the sand dance. Let happiness take hold and feel the smile within. Then share it with the world. Available here.


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