Upcoming solo show - "The Street is Your Gallery"

The Street is Your Gallery is a solo show by Ingrid Shakenovsky, reflecting her passion for photography as art and art as photography

Exploring the cracks, colours and movements of the urban landscape – from Sydney and Melbourne to the world

SYDNEY: Abstract artist and photographer Ingrid Shakenovsky is staging her debut solo exhibition featuring scenes from Sydney, Melbourne and other parts of the world.

It’s a two-part show in which she explores the cracks, colours and movements of the urban landscape.

Her intention is to make photographic art that resembles real life and turns coincidental collections of urban paraphernalia into photographic works that verge on the abstract.

“The pictures I have chosen for this exhibition are emotional and authentic. They move me,” says Shakenovsky.

Exhibition from 21 May until 2 June 2019
Celebration Saturday 25 May from 5-6.30pm

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