What is original art?

Original pieces of art are made by the artist themselves. They are not original because they have an original idea at their heart, but rather because they are unique and were made by emerging or established artist.

 Original art on A4 and A3 paper


Original artwork

Various online and offline galleries and platforms promote and sell original work at a wide range of pricing points. What does it actually mean, though? The enormous amount of time and effort the artist spent to create the artwork, its rarity, and the distinctive quality of an original artwork that a machine will never be capable of imitating are the key reasons why original art is more expensive than mass-produced pieces. THE SPACE gallery has a range of original artwork in different genres, style, and mediums at affordable price.

A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art. ~ Paul Cezanne

Benefits of purchasing original artwork

Purchasing original art has a lot of advantages, and it doesn't even have to break the bank. You can get truly amazing deals if you choose original artwork created by emerging or established artists. Here are the top advantages of purchasing original artwork over mass produced prints:


  1. Quality. The depth of unique art is one evidence of its exceptional quality. When displayed prominently in a space, a hand-painted material will give you the impression that it is three-dimensional and will simply grab everyone's attention. The colours an artist uses will be carefully chosen, and you can see the brushstrokes the artist made on the surface. You will be able to find new fascinating features of your original artwork with each viewing, making it a far more aesthetically pleasant and lasting experience.
  2. Quality of life. Several studies have shown that art can enhance our wellbeing. When we are emotionally moved by art, we frequently feel compelled to express ourselves and interact with others. An original work of art will change the ambiance in our house or workplace and may even serve as inspiration when we are feeling down or uninspired. It can infuse a dull space with colour and give a chaotic area a calmer atmosphere.
  3. Value appreciation. Due to the originality of the work and the success of the artist who made it, there is always a chance that original art purchased directly from a gallery or an artist will increase in value over time. Original art purchases are emotional and financial investments, they will bring you much joy and increase in value over time.


Are you an art collector?

THE SPACE gallery is showcasing an original collection of artworks on A4 and A3 paper under the umbrella of “The Gift of Art.”

Make sure to visit the gallery, the collection will be available from November, 2, 2022 to April, 2, 2023

The artworks will be displayed inside THE SPACE gallery, on the website and at The Cannery Markets (November 2022, December 2022, February 2023, March 2023, April 2023).

Feel free to ask us more information about this collection and original artworks. We are here to guide you with your art journey.


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Are you an artist who wants to showcase your talent through your artwork?

For more information and registration about “The Gift of Art”, click here.

To join THE SPACE gallery as an exhibiting artist, send us an email at art [@] thespacegallery.com.au. We look forward to seeing your artworks.

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