Bagged Veg: Brown Onions

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What is life without onions?
Imagine a sausage sizzle without a topping of their sweet glory. Their raw zing in a salad. Their unctuous support role in stews and mujadara is all about the onions.
Here, our humble hero is presented enrobed as we see them at the local greengrocer or supermarket.
What can’t you do with a brown onion?
If there were nothing but brown onions, I doubt we’d mind. Such versatility and flavour from the most unassuming vegetable. I’m sure you could even make ice cream with it.
Artwork Size: 21cm x 29.7cm
White Frame: 33cm x 43cm
Medium: Watercolour pencil, thread, bead on Canson paper
About Einar
I have always dabbled in the arts in one way or another; the latest incarnation being a mental refuge from the turmoils of our times.
My work combines graphic imagery with the addition of fibre or other embellishments. I love colour and ornamentation; aiming to present beauty and inspire optimism for a more positive world, where man and nature can co-exist in a more mutually beneficial capacity.
My methods pay homage to the masterful, yet humble, practical skills of my family. I am drawn to the tangible nature of the handmade whilst the world has been fighting an “invisible” enemy.

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