THE SPACE gallery is accepting submissions to solo or group show.

By entering solo or group show, you are agreeing with the following conditions.

Exhibition Costs

 For call outs, please refer to the call out entry(ies) fee(s)


  • Please do not deliver the actual artwork until the entry form has been approved and payment has been made.
  • The exhibition is open to all amateur and professional artists. We will accept 2D artworks, photography and 3D work that fits within the guidelines only. Digital works will not be accepted.
  • THE SPACE gallery takes a 30% commission + GST on all sold works.
  • Selected artworks must be delivered in person at THE SPACE gallery on either Friday 12th November until Friday 19th November between 10 am and 5 pm. LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE SHOWN. Couriered work must arrive by Friday 19th November by 5 pm. (please use Australia Post, Fastway Couriers or Sendle).


THE SPACE gallery agrees to design and send out e-invitations to its email list and promote the exhibition on its social media. As such it is the Exhibitor responsibility to supply the Gallery with a minimum of two (2) quality images of the work to be exhibited at least one (2) weeks prior to the commencement of the Rental Period/ entry fee. The gallery will provide these e-invitations to the Exhibitor to send out if requested.

Prior to Exhibition

Two weeks prior to the commencement of the Exhibition the Exhibitor agrees they will:

  • All artworks must be for sale.
  • Artwork must be the original work of the artist.
  • Provide a list of works to be exhibited that includes sizes and weights of the work, the year, the medium, a short description of each piece and the sale price.
  • Discuss with the Gallery to determine whether the Exhibitor works need any special installation requirements.

Delivery of Works

  • The insurance, packing and transport of exhibition works to and from the Venue is the Exhibitor responsibility.
  • The Exhibitor is responsible for bringing artwork to the Venue in a displayable condition. Selected works must be delivered by the set date ready for display. This includes all hangings attachments. Arrangements and payment for special fixtures for hanging or display are the responsibility of the artist. All works must have D-ring and a wire across the back for hanging. Artworks must be bubble wrapped in a way that the gallery can reuse it at the end of the show or when artworks are sold.


  • The installation, hanging and de-installation of the exhibition is the responsibility of the Gallery
  • The Gallery has the right to withdraw work from the Exhibition if the work is obscene, defamatory, or discriminatory, or involves a breach of copyright or other rights.
  • Any artwork that is not dry, or does not meet the quality required for the exhibition will not be hung.


Sold artworks will be removed from the exhibition.

All works must be deinstalled and removed from the Venue on the last day of the Exhibition unless otherwise agreed with the Gallery. Failure to comply may result in additional costs being charged to the Exhibitor.

Artworks must be bubble wrapped in a way that the gallery can reuse it at the end of the show or when artworks are sold.


During the Exhibition

Artists are require to promote the show on their own social channel.